Document Accessibility

Document Accessibility

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Taxonomy of Sources

Born Accessible Documents

Conversion to formats that are in principle accessible

PDF documents

Generating accessible PDF

PDF: Current state

No generator for fully accessbile PDF


Let's have a look at the diagram report Test with EPub reader

Other Alternative Formats: Braille

Alternative Formats: Tactile Hardcopy

Tactile Math: Automated Support

Source: LaTeX in PreTeXt format

Target: embossed Braille

Example: Tactile Hardcopies

Tom Judson's Abstract Algebra Book

Automatic and aided transcription


Diagrams and Graphics

Diagrams in Alternative Formats

Information Diagram Examples

Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG for scalable vector graphics is part of the web stack

SVG: Basic Components

Drawing components:


SVG: Annotations

SVG can be structured via invisible container elements

Descriptive Elements

SVG: Advanced Components

Transformations via transform attribute

Animations via tags and attributes

Conditionals (switch), Nesting (svg in svg), foreign objects, ...

SVG: Simple Animation

The following is a simple timed animation using set:

Animated roots of unity.

Animated roots of unity.

SVG: Good vs Bad

Badly constructed SVG


SVG: Examples

Bad example:

Good example:

Updating bad SVG can be done manually, e.g. Inkscape

Beware of SVG optimisation!

Output Formats

SVG is an ideal basis for various output formats:

Tactile Graphics

Roots of unity Braille.

Tactile Graphics Picture