Document Accessibility

Document Accessibility
Conversion wrap-up and Other Formats

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Show & Tell

What have you done with the SVG formulas

Tying Up Loose Ends

Let's look at our example document again

Still Missing

Tweaking Converters: pandoc

pandoc --filter=PROGRAM ...
pandoc --lua-filter=SCRIPTPATH ...

Tweaking Converters: make4ht

Bibliographies and Citations

Support for basic bibliographies is usually good



Indices, Glossaries, Appendices

DPUB ARIA markup for appendices is usually not supported by convertors (but little impact in practice).

Theorem environments

Algorithm layout

Diagram authoring

We'll start with some of those tomorrow!

Considersation for LaTeX Authoring

TeX tips: what to do

Do what good LaTeX authors would do

TeX tips: what to avoid 1

TeX tips: what to avoid 2

Tips for math mode

Authoring for the Web

Note: That does not mean we want you to change your authoring workflow!


Other Formats

Source to Web is easy

What about other formats?

Taxonomy of Sources


Retro-digitized Documents

Scanned version of

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Improving results

What about Math

Math OCR is notoriously difficult

OCR Systems


Snapshotting as in "Making an isolated observation"

Born Digital

Documents where source and target are electronic

Document types

PDF as only source

Source: Nothing but inaccessible PDF

Math in Born Digital PDF

Some solutions